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About application

GenName is an open source code application and is provided "as is" without warranties or guarantees of whatever kind on the part of the developer. Users use the application exclusively at their own risk.

The application is intended for generating English names and was created on the basis of the alphabetical list of minor planet names of the Harvard University. The analysis revealed some predominant sequences of English characters in the names of minor planets. What it is needed for? For example, for the generation of names of space objects for the project. With the maximum length being 5 characters, the application will generate 642489 names.

Program interface:
Program interface

Working with the application is very simple:
1. Select the maximum length of names to be generated (2 is set by default).
2. Select the type of resulting data - TXT or XML (TXT is set by default).
3. Click on the Generation button, and wait.
4. The application will generate a table containing generated names. Data will be recorded to the names.txt or names.xml file in the working folder of the application.

IMPORTANT. The time for the application to complete the task (and the size of the resulting file) depends on the specified maximum length of names in a non-linear fashion. For example, with the maximum length being 8 in about 15 minutes of work on a Celeron-1800 computer you will get 300Mb of names and the application will keep running. So we recommend to be careful and start from the maximum length of 5 characters.

As a result of the application's work you will get a list of English names in the *.txt or XML format.

XML file generated by the application, opened in Internet Explorer

Mind that you should set the format of data before you click on the Generation button (by default data are recorded to your computer's hard drive in the *.txt format). When generating XML the Microsoft XMLDOM object is not used.

The application was written on MS Visual Basic 6 and can be used by students of higher education institutions for mastering the computer programming in general and recursive functions in particular.


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